Professional wedding dress cleaners

Your wedding gown will most probably be the most valuable and treasured dress you will ever wear, and naturally you will want to keep it and preserve it as a memento of your big day.

But remember, it is very important to have it cleaned by a specialist wedding dress cleaner before you store it away.

Even if it looks pristine, there will be invisible moisture and perspiration locked in, which over the years will cause staining to the fabric and damage the fibres.

At Dry Green, we have the specialist experience and the latest technology which will give you better results than any traditional dry cleaner – without the toxic chemicals or high temperatures that can damage the delicate fabrics and beading.

If you are wanting to keep your wedding dress then the best way to store the dress to preserve it over the years is in a specialist box complete with acid paper. Our wedding dress boxes are supplied by ‘The Empty Box Company’. Their boxes are unlike any others you will find. They are stunning. The papers and board are extremely durable and designed to last a lifetime. Other boxes can be flimsy, yet still just as expensive! You will find our boxes unique, stunningly beautiful and excellent value for money.

Wedding dress storage boxes

Wedding Dress Cleaning Prices

A-Line Wedding Dress £90.00
Traditional Wedding Dress £95.00
Princess Wedding Dress £110.00
Wedding Dress Box £40.00
Child Bridesmaid £14.00
Adult Bridesmaid £19.95
Christening Suit/Gown £14.00

Tips for successful wedding dress cleaning

Before you Buy: We know it sounds obvious, but please always check that your dress can be cleaned.

If your dress has had beads or sequins added after it was tailored check that this does not affect the cleaning instructions on the care label. Some beads and sequins can ‘melt’ when put into cleaning solvents. Please take extra care if any beads are added.

Always store your dress away from light as UV rays can cause dyes in the fabric to become unstable and run when cleaned.

On your Wedding Day: If you should spill something on your dress NEVER rub it. Blot the stain with a colour free napkin. Rubbing causes damage to the fabric and can result in faded areas after cleaning.

Most of all enjoy your day and don’t worry too much about your dress – let Dry Green do that for you afterwards!

After Your Wedding Day: Have your dress cleaned as soon as possible after your big day. Stains that are left on fabrics can oxidise and cause long term damage that is (unfortunately) irreversible.

If you plan to keep your dress for posterity store it in an acid free container (an acid free box or dress cover) away from damp and light. The attic is not the best place to keep it but in the top of your wardrobe or under you bed would be ideal.

Stain removal service

Accidents will happen, but don’t worry all is not lost, even if you think your dress is damaged beyond repair we may be able to restore it to its pre-worn glory.

We have invested in the latest technology and solvents that can gently lift even the most stubborn of stains out of the most delicate of materials.

Just remember, if you do spill anything, don’t rub it in, just blot it with a white napkin and leave the rest to us.
Free dry cleaning pick up and delivery service
Although we are based in Leeds, we offer a free dry cleaning pick up and delivery service throughout North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

If you live outside this area, but would still like to use our services, please call: 0113 2454 333.

Three little words: peace of mind

With Dry Green, not only do you get a highly professional service at a down-to-earth price, but you get peace of mind; knowing that you are getting the best people, with the latest technology, to do the job.

All backed by our £3,500 insurance policy.

The Dry Green wedding dress cleaning difference

  • We are specialist and professional wedding dress dry cleaners
  • We don’t use toxic chemicals or high temperatures which can damage delicate fabrics
  • We use specialist solvents and the latest technology for truly deep clean
  • We have a hi-tech stain removal service to restore your dress to its pre-worn glory
  • We use non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-allergenic, chemicals which gentle on your skin
    100% fresh and odour free
  • Free collection and delivery throughout North and West Yorkshire