Laundry cleaners

Laundry cleaning services

There’s nothing complicated here!

We wash at 30C, tumble-dry on a low heat and then fold your belongings neatly, ready to be put away. The difference is that we use commercial washing machines and high grade, hypoallergenic washing liquid.

This simple, but laundered-with-love service, is ideal for casual clothing including undies, PJs and gym gear, so long as the care label allows them to be washed at 30C. We’ll separate your lights from your darks too so you can avoid those awful wash-day accidents. We charge by weight and have 2 levels of charge (up to 8KG and up to 18kg).

A little piece of mind… We never have, and never will mix peoples laundry loads. Each customer’s laundry loads are washed and dried individually.

Want us to wash at a higher temperature than normal? No problem, just ask!

Laundry cleaning prices

8KG Wash, Dry & Fold £14.95
18KG Wash, Dry & Fold £25.95
Bedding Set (Washed & Ironed) £11.95