Laundry cleaning services

Dry Green laundry centres are filled with hi-tech machinery.

Our processes offer a superior and natural way of cleaning your clothes. Due to the world-leading machinery used we can offer a market-leading cleaning standard whilst washing at a lower temperature.
This increases your garment longevity whilst doing a little more for our planet.

We clean your clothes in mild bio-degradeable detergents which are autodosed in relation to garment weight, fabric and soiling levels. Our cleaning detergents are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

The final stage of our laundry process is OZONE disinfection. Ozone is generated using renewable electricity and oxygen from the air that we breathe removing nasty smells and killing 99.9999% of bacteria.

For final piece of mind…. We have never and will never wash your clothes with anybody elses

Laundry cleaning prices

8KG Wash, Dry & Fold £16.95
18KG Wash, Dry & Fold £28.95
Bedding Set (Washed & Ironed) £13.95