For warmth, hygiene and longevity - clean your down coat regularly

down jacket cleanersAfter rigorous testing, we are now the only approved and recommended cleaners for Canada Goose in the North.

Nothing can beat the warmth and comfort of a down jacket, but over time, your body’s perspiration causes the fine feathers to stick together – reducing its effectiveness to keep you snug.

Unfortunately, as we are dealing with natural fibres, the feathers can become host to dust mites which make perfect conditions for bacteria and fungal spores. So just like you regularly wash your duvet, you need to clean your feather insulated jackets, coats and gilets.

We are dry cleaning specialists and have a specific programme which provides highly effective sterilisation and removal of allergens, leaving your garment fresh, hygienically clean and as warm as the first day you wore it.

Down jacket cleaning prices

Standard Down Jacket / Puffa coat £16.95
Designer Down Jacket / Puffa coat (Canada Goose, Moncler, Moose Knuckles etc) £47.95
Standard Down / Puffa x 2 £29.95
Designer Down Jacket / Puffa Coat x 2 £79.95