Curtain cleaners

When did your curtains last get a deep down clean? Our special green dry cleaning process will leave your curtains as fresh as the day you bought them.

We can collect, clean and deliver direct to your office or home*, so there has never been a better way to get your curtains cleaned.

Curtain cleaning prices

Light weight (up-to 3kg) £25.00
Light weight (up-to 5kg) £35.00
Medium weight (up-to 8kg) £55.00
Medium weight (up-to 12kg ) £75.00
Heavy weight (up-to 16kg) £90.00
Heavy weight (up-to 24kg) £120.00

Please call for quotes on larger weights/multiple curtain costs Prices include collection & delivery and pressing. Sorry, we cannot take down or re-hang curtains.

Reasons to choose a green dry clean

Fresh, clean curtains really bring any room to life and help your home look its very best. Not only that, but did you realise that household curtains can harbour tens of thousands of microscopic dust mites?

Your curtains are effective air-filters, trapping airborne dust, odours, hairs, smoke and dead skin particles – the perfect habitat for nasty dust mites.

These can cause a wide range of allergic reactions, including eczema, dermatitis, asthma, dry coughs, hay fever and sinusitis. Our Curtain Cleaning Service can help eliminate these problems as well as help to keep your home looking its best.

Dry Green Curtain Cleaning Service is managed by experts

We use only the latest technology which cleans for a longer period at a lower temperature which will give you better results than any traditional dry cleaner whilst minimizing the risk of shrinkage.

You may not know that nearly all dry cleaners use a solvent known as perchloroethylene (perc) in the process of cleaning your curtains.

What everyone should know is that perc is toxic and contaminates the air we breathe, it is also a hazardous classified substance that is proven to cause cancer, and one of the top four dangerous contaminants found in our drinking water.

Odour free freshness

The heavier the fabric the more perc is absorbed and the stronger the sharp chemical smell will be. Dry Green uses state of the art cleaning technology that replaces perc with a natural, chemical free solvent.

The no brainer is that it produces a better standard of clean without leaving a chemical smell or putting you and the environment at risk