Semantic markup

The structure and the code has been designed to deliver the information in priority of importance for people with screen readers.

“Alt text” has been applied to all images, and high contrast text has been used to help the visually impaired. As all modern browsers have zoom features, the font sizes are fixed in pixels and not scalable.

Links are also annotated with “Title text” so that when the user hovers over the link there will be a brief description of the destination page they are going to visit.

Articles on the site are written in plain English in order that people of all ages and abilities can easily read and understand the content.

Valid W3C markup

It is structured with valid HTML5 and semantic markup. Cascading style sheets are used for visual layout. Both are validated as by the W3C Markup Validation Services.

All pages are mostly WCAG AAA approved, complying with all priority 1 and most of priority 2 and 3 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

This website conforms to Section 508 and to most of W3C’s WCAG 1.0, level Triple-A. The code is valid HTML5 with valid CSS 3.0