9 reasons to go green


  1. No petrochemicals are used in our cleaning solvent, just natural ingredients from renewable resources.
  2. Non-toxic, non- carcinogenic and no more hazardous waste to pollute our air or water supplies.
  3. It’s the same price but gives better results than traditional dry cleaning
  4. No harsh chemicals, non-allergenic, so that clothes are soft and gentle next to your skin
  5. Colours remain vibrant and whites stay bright, even after repeated laundering.
  6. Our gentle cleaning process means that clothes stay as good as new for far longer – even with the most delicate of fabrics.
  7. Your laundered items are 100% fresh and odour free – no more of that sharp, dry-cleaned smell.
  8. Our hi-tech machinery uses 1/3 of the energy of traditional dry cleaners for reduced CO2 emissions.
  9. All the hangers and plastic packaging we use is made from 100% recycled material.