Shoe repairs

Shoe repairs

Shoe repairs

We have teamed up with Craggs to extend our range of services for your convenience. Not only are they experts in their field of repairing shoes and boots, but they can also turn their hand to leather repairs, watch batteries, watch repairs, engraving and key cutting.

About Craggs

Craggs is a family business and been established in West Yorkshire since 1933. Their team are highly experienced and talented, giving superb quality repairs whether it’s patching a rip in your favourite leather jacket to replacing broken zips in boots and bags.

Craggs shoe repairs

Women's shoe repair prices

Stiletto Rubber Heels £8.00
Stiletto metal heels £5.50
Medium size rubber heel £9.00
Rubber soles £13.50
Leather soles £19.00
Toes £8.00
Leather soles & Rubber heels £27.50
Rubber soles & Rubber heels £20.00
Toe & Heels £16.00
New Zips Long boot per zip £30.00
New Zip Short boot per zip £25.00
Ugg Boots Full sole £35.00
Ugg Boots Stitching from £10.00
Ugg Boots Toe Patches £35.00
Ugg Boots Back stiffening £25.00

Men's shoe repair prices

Rubber heels £13.00
Leather ¼ Rubber Heels £15.00
Rubber stitched sole £20.00
Rubber Stick on sole £18.00
½ Leather sole £30.00
Full Leather sole £40.00
½ Leather sole & Rubber heel £42.50
Full Leather sole and rubber heel £49.50
Danite rubber sole and heel £47.00
Vibram walking boot unit £47.00

Brief Case repair Prices

New Clasp from £25.00
New Dog Clip from £15.00
New Zip from £25.00
Mulberry Clasp from £25.00
New Handle from £25.00

Other Services

Back Linings per pair £10.00
Stretching Shoes £5.00
Stretching Boots £10.00

We offer repairs on all leather items if you have any queries regarding any repairs please go to Craggs website.

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